Robyn Maynard is a writer, activist, outreach worker, and musician based in Montreal. She has previously worked at  youth organization Head & Hands helping run a needle-exchange program, working with group home youth, and doing harm-reduction education surrounding safe(r)  sex and substance use for youth and drug users.  She is currently employed at Stella, a sex workers’ rights organization in Montreal, doing street-based outreach,  and coordinating Stella Deboutte, a research project on the effects of criminalization on sex workers lives.    She co-hosts CKUT’s No One Is Illegal Radio on a monthly basis and plays a supportive role in anti-police brutality organizing and migrant justice movements.  Her writing has appeared in The Gazette, Le Devoir, Briarpatch, Upping the Anti, Shameless!, The Dominion, Canadian Dimension, 2bmag, Canadian Women’s Studies, and in several anthologies including Feminism for Real edited by Jessica Yee, and Border Imperialism edited by Harsha Walia.  She is currently working on her first book,  Policing Migrants, for Fernwood Publishing.

photo by Tyler Megarry

Contact robynmaynard@gmail.com to be in touch.

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