Building the World We Want (BTWWW) is a home for political education and learning about abolition and movement work. Part abolitionist laboratory, part movement and resource sharing hub, it is an offering in the service of community-led efforts to build safety differently and to imagine and build a world without surveillance, police, and incarceration. Part of Building the World We Want is a public education series that brings together the brilliant work happening on the ground by grassroots organizers. The series lifts up frontline struggles working to dismantle and defund harmful institutions and build new life-affirming institutions that can support our collective safety. Co-facilitated by Robyn Maynard and Pascale Diverlus.

To sign up and to learn more about the Building the World We Want political education series on the last Thursday of every month, visit our new site here.

Based in Canada, Building the World We Want is a platform that sheds light on some of the abolitionist world-building happening every day: organizing in support of the largely Black and Indigenous people living in encampments, work across the country to get police out of schools, the prisoner-led struggle to release prisoners in the context of COVID-19 outbreaks.

Rather than recreating incredible efforts happening across Canada and North America, BTWWW is an offering, a building and learning space to help lift up grassroots movement work and leadership and to grow our collective knowledge toward building abolition in our lifetime.

We will be producing resources, hosting monthly public panels, and organizing abolition labs for organizers and activists to skillshare.