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With Justin Piché. “No-one is disposable: Decarcerating in the time of COVID-19”, Sick of the System. Between the Lines. 2020.

With Leanne Betasamosake Simpson. “Toward Black and Indigenous Futures” in Until We Are Free: An Edited Collection by Black Lives Matter Toronto. Syrus Ware, Sandra Hudson, Rodney Diverlus (Eds). University of Regina Press, 2020.

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What is Prison Abolition in Canada?  Free Them All!  Building the World We Want. With Pascale Diverlus, design by Sahra Soudi.

Building the World We Want: A Roadmap to Police Free Futures.  Building the World We Want. Design by Sahra Soudi.

website (contributor).

Stella Constellation Magazine, Human Rights Edition, Issue 12, Fall 2012.

Anarchists in the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army: Ashanti Alston and Ojore Lutalo. Zine (digitized).

Lorenzo Kom’Boa Ervin: Organizing Outside the System from the Black Panther Party to Now. Zine (digitized).

The Toolbox: What Works for Sex Workers. Contributions “Sex Workers of Colour” and “Migrant Sex Workers”. Eds. POWER (Prostitutes of Ottawa-Gatineau Work, Educate, Resist) and AIDS Committee of Ottawa.

Trippin! , Harm reduction-based drug resource created for non-profit Head & Hands,  2010.

Refuse To Be Abused: Using The Law To Fight Back – A youth guide to combating racial profiling, Created for Head & Hands, 2010.

Migrant or Local…We’re Vocal – by young moms from diverse backgrounds”. Volume 2, Editor & project co-ordinator, Head & Hands, 2008.

“Migrant or Local…We’re Vocal – by young moms from diverse backgrounds”. Volume 1, Editor & project co-ordinator, Head & Hands, 2007.

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“Ongoing state violence against Black people has its roots in a culture of anti-Blackness”. Quill and Quire. Fall 2017.

“Canadian Education is Steeped in Anti-Black Racism”The Walrus, Fall 2017. (book excerpt)

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#Blacksexworkerslivesmatter: White-Washed ‘Anti-Slavery’ And The Appropriation Of Black Suffering, The Feminist Wire, September 9, 2015 (republished by INCITE! Women of colour against violence and

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Opinion: “Canada is failing another child refugee facing deportation to a country he does not know.” Robyn Maynard. Toronto Star. August 14, 2019.

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Police Abolition/Black Revolt, TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, Fall, 41. 2020 (for access via, click here, e-mail author for PDF if desired)

“Black life and death across the U.S.-Canada border:Border violence, Black fugitive belonging and a Turtle Island view of Black liberation” in  Critical Ethnic Studies Journal Spring, 5.1. Special Issue: Solidarities of Non-Alignment. (for access via, click here, e-mail author for PDF if desired)

“Trans-Atlantic affinities: On the global reverberations of Black (feminist) struggle”,  Scholar and Feminist (S&F) Journa1, Issue 15.3: “Unraveling Criminalizing Webs, Building Police-Free Futures” 2019. 

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